I am glad that you chose to share this. Your experience of travel these few months is delightful to observe through what you share.

Might the hesitation with street musicians be a stigma around “homelessness”…that perhaps they are on the streets and will “squander” money? It is in my area. I feel once I have given a gift, it is not for me to decide “how” it is used.

While money is wonderful…when I didn’t have excess money, I shared my resources with those pursuing their dreams. Generosity comes in many forms, and when I didn’t have money, I still felt “rich” because I could vest what I did have (time, energy, extra space in my home, extra food). To give what you do have is a wonderful feeling of abundance.

As far as street musicians, I slip a thank you note into their bucket, and in between “sets” I speak with them, and later bring homemade food (because I always have extra, and after a while we all get to know each other). I think to feel affirmation of your talent, and support, is as essential as money.

If we equate online sites with street musicians, one can apply the same principle.

For the majority of my life, I have been surrounded by “dream squashers”. My dreams had been quite big, and I wasn’t surrounded by people who understood or supported them. (I understand now, that was my way of learning, and I have done the inner work to change that!).

My two big examples are choosing to raise my children as a single mom aboard a sailboat, and choosing to create Facets without an external full-time job. It took (still takes!)courage and a lot of faith to vest in my dreams and allow them to unfold. From the response, my message enriches, and that is what fuels my courage and allows me to keep stretching into the unknown. I am living my dreams. Daily. The big version is to sail port to port with Facets as my platform. (I am learning and leaning into it). My paypal is my email address if you would like to contribute.