Ricky, I think you make a great point about “creating” urgency by setting ourselves up for experiencing it.

If we’re constantly living with only a moment to spare and waiting until the last minute to do things that we know need to be done, then we’ll always have this sense of urgency that we have to overcome (or give into).

I find that when I’m proactive throughout the day — when I know what I intend to get done and I get those things done first — then the rest of my day goes smoothly.

Of course developing such a habit isn’t easy and I find myself struggling on a daily basis to create those habits (such as waking early and doing creative work early), but I’m working on it.

I’m curious if you feel that you have a good sense of time — an accurate inner clock — that allows you to feel confident that you have enough time.

For example, I feel if I woke up at 8am and left the house for a 2 mile walk without a clock/watch/phone to check the time, I’d feel preoccupied with keeping track of how much time has passed so as to not miss my 11am appointment. As a result, I wouldn’t enjoy my walk because I wouldn’t be as present in the moment. How do you handle that?