Hey Raam,

I have A popular Redirect Script that actually is coded with Base64 code.
Now, it is not a plugin, but is a script that is uploaded to a file my wordpress site which then I use to redirect to affiliate offers.

— and I then did a cntrl find for EVAL within index.php file — and it found EVAL on the 7th line — here is just a short snippet of that code that it’s surrounded by which I copied and pasted below ==>


Now there thousands of lines of code which follows as an example ===> gMpl38aKc0L7I8rfIXpMgM……….

Now, my question is… Is all “Base64 eval” code bad? And is this something that I should be worried about?

Or, is this something that I shouldn’t worry about considering the person that is the developer of this Redirect Script is a very popular name in the internet marketing industry?

I’d appreciate any advice or feedback you can give me on this?

In Many Thanks,