Hey! I just got hit with this stuff throughout my entire site so I was very happy to find this, however, after I ‘find’ the code in the files ( and I am searching my entire public_html folder), I then run the ‘clean up. I get ‘couldn’t open temporary file’ on only three files, then it stops. I have used Terminal before I am not gun shy, but I want to be sure this process is still valid, since it is over a year old now. I copied & pasted the commands but used the eval gibberish in my files, and made sure the punctuation matched, as well. Now, I did NOT turn off the .htaccess. Is that a MUST DO step in order for the clean up to work? I have several sub domains. Would I need to edit EVERY .htacces on my host?

Thank you so much for your help!! Can’t tell you how much I appreciate this!!