Thanks for this one Raam. You echo my thoughts which is always encouraging me to, as my late great uncle put it, “stick to my guns.”

At this very exact persice moment my heart has pushed me into a very unique and unusual situation for me, where I have to cope with challenges I’ve always been curious about but never been brave enough to experience: a brief stint of street life.

It aint so bad, Singapore would have to be the best city in the world to do this, being a very stable and comfortable temperature and relatively crimeless. I have a little money and a ticket home, I’m just making it stretch by hanging out on the peaceful promenade in the early hours, sipping caffeinated acid in Starbucks and meditating under the bridge. I seem to be functioning well on very little sleep (it’s only two days so far, embarking on my second night tonight).

I walked out on my hosts when I found out they don’t really like or trust me, even though they were the ones who said I’d have a place to stay when I came over. I have a tendency to turn around and walk when I realise I’m not wanted or needed. In this case that’s what pushed me into the first night of wandering.

The point is I am very much following my heart right now. I know this experience is what I need somehow and I should avoid relying on friends for at least a bit. I’m longing for the comfort of the old life I left, where literally everything a person needs is magically provided – but I left that life for a reason. I even received an offer to return to an even extra magical “new” version of my old live (house provided until forever), but I’m not going there. Seems like a lot of people want me to do this or do that. They don’t understand what it means.

In truth I am a little worried at what the future holds. I believe the most important ingredient in creating a future is hope: that can push you into favourable situations and keep you smiling.

As long as I don’t smell.

PS Anyone need WordPress work/design?