Ali, I love the adventure you’re on, not only because you’re roaming around Singapore ‘homeless’ but because you’re recognizing the value of the ‘comforts’ you had (and have available to you, should you choose that) and that you can see your own choices through a clear (or clearer) lens of self-reflection. Your walking out on your hosts when you realized that environment wasn’t conducive is evidence that you know not only what you want, but what you, in your heart, actually need.

I’d say don’t worry so much about the future. If you’re truly following your heart and what feels right and true for you, the future only holds good things for you. The more you worry about the future, the more difficult it will be to allow yourself to walk the path your heart is asking you to walk. Trust in now, in the present, in where you are, and embrace the fluid, unlimited and unwritten potential of the future. You could be anywhere a year from now. Think about it… a few months ago, did you know you’d be in Singapore today? A few days ago, did you know you’d be wandering around Singapore sleeping in parks? And yet there you are.

You’re right in that the most important ingredient in creating a future is hope. I believe another ingredient is trust (some call it ‘faith’, but I feel the word faith sometimes implies a sense of hopelessness or lack of control over situations). Trust that the universe, left to its own devices, is preprogrammed to end well, to turn every ending into a good one, every event into a meaningful series of actions that leads somewhere better than where you were.