I have since come to realize that I am almost to sympathetic towards living things. I remember when I was a kid, stepping on ants was a game. Now I go out of my way to save them if I can. If a spider is in the house, I try to get it outside rather than squish it.

I like fishing, or liked fishing. My problem now is hurting the fish. haha. This makes no sense really considering I still eat fish anyways. At the same time, should animals grow old and die or should they at least provide us (or other animals) with food at some point. Tough questions.

I like that you chose to step around the puddle. Makes me realize that maybe I’m not to sympathetic.

As far as making the world better with our choices. This is also a tough one for me. I think for the most part, yes, if my principles and actions were copies – it would be better.

But I also love travel. I love going to a different country with a different culture. I think everyone could learn so much. But at the same time, that releases a ton of poison into the air and also would bring much more tourism to these places, which could inevitably change them.