Hi Raam,

I´ve been a quiet reader for a while, but this post resonates with me a lot. I never thought about my reasons for veganism and other life-friendly choices I make, but you hit the nail on the head.

I recently had a conversation with a friend about whether it´s ok to eat an egg, if it´s unfertilized and from a chicken that lives a happy life with you somewhere on a farm – and won´t ever be killed. I was ok with that, but she said – if it´s ok to eat this one, then it´s not far from it being ok to eat any egg. In other words, it´s setting a bad example. Or in your words – If everyone on the planet copied that, it would not be ok. (and unfortunately this is the reality in this case).

So this:
If everyone on the planet copied your personal choices would that be good or bad for the global community?

Is an amazing tool to use to evaluate our daily decisions. I think Niall mentioned something similar – would you still do what you´re doing, if your actions were public?

Thank you for this deep thought :).