Hi Matt,

I agree: If you avoid fishing because you don’t want to hurt the fish and then you eat fish anyway, that’s hypocritical. Should animals grow old and die? Why not? And if not, who are we to decide that? Humans are part of nature, yes, but we’re not so stupid and incapable that we’re forced to succumb to following the rest of the ‘dumb’ animal kingdom. We have the ability to make conscious choices while the rest of the animal kingdom simply responds to its environment and its natural urges.

I feel that humans who follow in the footsteps of animals and use the excuse that “the rest of the animal kingdom does it” and “we’re higher up on the food chain” are just being pure lazy. At the most basic level, we’re capable of more than that. We’re capable of thinking for ourselves, of free thought. Instead, so many of us (myself included, for several experimental years) choose to throw away that basic freedom and act like the rest of the animals.

As for your points about travel: Yes, I love travel too. But what if to help balance our unusually high volume of travel we take that experience and use it to help others in a way that those who don’t travel could not? What if every year we add up how many flights we took and how many miles we logged and purchased carbon offsets or invested in green energy or donated to a poor country?