I don’t think I’m anywhere near living a lifestyle that is a good model for everyone else (all 7 billion people).

It’s probably a better lifestyle than most who have as much access and opportunity as I do (while I can afford lots of expensive things, my minimalist mindset keeps me from purchasing things I don’t need), but all aspects of my lifestyle are certainly not scalable (7 billion people couldn’t fly on planes several times a year or drive a combustion engine vehicle without destroying our planet’s environment and depleting its resources).

However, since I’m always thinking about that, about how my actions might scale to 7 billion people, I’m more inclined to walk and take public transit and to plan trips that don’t require excessive flying. I’m also more inclined to think about things like what diets and shoes are sustainable for 7 billion people. If I wasn’t thinking about scale, it would be incredibly easy to make choices that feel good, but in actuality are contributing to the problem.

More important that actually living a lifestyle that can be replicated to 7 billion people, I think, is living in such a way that we are always looking for ways to live better and more sustainable.