Are you receiving these notifications about my replies to your comments now? If so, then the plugin should work for you. Did you install the Email Log plugin I mentioned earlier? What does that say?

Also, I’m just curious, is there a reason you’re not replying to my previous comments to keep things in one comment thread, as opposed to starting a new comment thread each time? (Pressing “Reply” under my comment embeds that comment underneath it and keeps things organized.)

I’ve given up even considering using an external commenting platform like Livefyer or Discus. Comments are so essential to my site that I simply don’t want to have them stored elsewhere or rely on an external service for my commenting system. Instead, I’m focusing on improving the WordPress commenting system using plugins (I have a few ideas for how I can improve WordPress comments, for both admins and users, and I’m starting to work on those). I’d love to hear your ideas for what improvements would make your life easier.