I’ve been thinking the same thing for the past 6 months, as I can remember. That’s the reason why I started posting one photo everyday since January 1st, 2016.

First of all, I don’t believe that you’ll be successful by starting on January 1st. But I committed this year because I was fed up of not keeping my new years resolution in the past. So I did it.

And what I’ve started to notice is that my photography taste and quality is increasing every month. If, for example, I’d produce 3 good photos on January. I’d produce around 5 good photos on February and some more on March. And it goes on…..

The baseline of my photography has increased just by showing up.

Sometimes I won’t have good photos to post. Instead of not posting, I still post a bad picture just to keep the streak going on.

I just did this to experiment what would happen if I post every single day. And without a doubt, I’ve started producing better pictures.

I still remember how you used to commit something everyday on GitHub. There used to be green dots on your GitHub timeline most of the time. I tried doing that once, but failed.

I think the underlying principles is the same for everything. Success is inevitable if you’re consistent. And, I think, that’s the most difficult part. 🙂