Thank you for that very insightful post Raam! I can totally relate to failure, but what really is failure? Could it be progress at attaining your goals? A righteous man falls seven times and gets back up. a life without failure is a life that’s not worth living. My life is all about failing…until I “get it” and it’s amazing when that happens. What Ananda didn’t do that most of us adults do, is that she didn’t get frustrated, what she drew is what she drew(and that’s also perfection). Unless we become like little children we won’t enter the Kingdom of God. Is it possible to have the mindset of an innocent child and enjoy our failures(knowing that they’re for our good)? I believe it is. Perfection is not when we meet up to someone’s standards, perfection is when we give 100%. Then you can’t wait to give it to someone else.
Thank you for our friendship Raam.