Deanna, thanks so much for stopping by! I clicked through to your site and found myself lost in exploring and enjoying all the photos and reliving in my head some of those very early days with my daughter—she got dressed all by herself this morning for the first time: underwear, pants, shirt, socks, and a hat! I was reminiscing about how it was only 2 years ago that she wasn’t even walking on her own.

You wrote about Big Brother in the Be a Failure post: “Sometimes when he’s working on something, if it is not just so it can throw him into a spiral of I can’ts and I give ups.” Ananda does the same thing, and I’ve been doing exactly what you’re doing: encouraging failure! I tell her that the way to success is to try, and try, and try until she gets it, that failing is part of the process. I’ve been doing this for the past year and now, to my amazement, sometimes when she shows me something that she managed to build or put together, she says, “Daddy, look! I tried and tried and tried and I finally got it!” That makes me so happy. 🙂

I’ve been looking to connect with other homeschoolers so I’m so happy you stopped by. I’ll be following your blog and digging in more. From what few clues I found on your site, it looks like you’re in Boston—I’m in Southern NH!