I’ve been read a lot of journal you’ve published, Mr. Dev. And You’ve been written a lot of great journal, every single one of it. I really excited for reading every journal you wrote.. And I’m so,.. thank you, for writing those. Maybe You think, and everyone think, that I was so act-over or something. But, for honest, I got something new by reading your journal. Something that need a second reading, or even ‘many-times reading’. So the means of the articles, can be understand in a right position (not in the right direction, it’s philosophically can’t be understand, sorry.)
I hope one day we can meet, and share something like on your journal. If you don’t mind, just visit back my blog. And read everything inside. So you can find something, that you probably don’t know yet. But, my blog primary language is Indonesia. You maybe need any dictionaries, or something. Thank you, Mr. Dev.