I was trying looking for inspiration on your website while building mine, I told myself that I just needed something simple, elegant and straight to the point. But then, I only read a couple of your articles and not this one.

Shortly after I was done building the website, I was trying to reach out to you and ask you about the webmention and further reading under this post, that was when I really read this article.

Funny enough, I said the same thing too on my website, and the way I paraphrase mine was, if I do not tell my story, who would do that for me? I found myself saying – No one.

Recently, I found out that irrespective of how stupid one may sound, some people still want to learn from you. Like this way, I found myself in the USA last fall for my masters program and this is a place I have no one to call family.

So my friends invited me over Thanksgiving and Christmas to their families and somehow, everyone wanted to hear from me – and I keep on sharing stories about me whom no one really cares about.

Then, I realised I have a voice too as my friend brother said “you left your country to come here for schooling despite not having anyone here, you left everything behind and take the challenge of kicking yourself by your butt, you feel a sense of purpose and you chase it, I have never feel like that before as I have never really think I matter”

Those words hit me, and I found myself eventually setting up my website after I am done with my christmas break with them. And I end up telling myself, even if no one will read these words on mine, I will keep writing, keep creating and keep voicing.

Thanks for this post and also for your theme, I found myself loving its simplicity and eventually settle down for it.

By the way, I will like to know how you achieve web mention and further reading below your post, I want to put such on my website too.