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This ebook is a plea for help. It's a voice in a room full of people who care about exactly the same thing but who are entirely oblivious to each other. It's a calling for everyone living on Earth to recognize a new responsibility that we've brought upon ourselves, a responsibility that we created by quenching our thirst for abundance and feeding our lust for social and economic development. It's a responsibility to be responsible.

But what can we do? What changes can we make to our daily lives that will have a positive effect on the rest of the planet? This ebook exists to answer those questions. This ebook is a place to start, a place to get ideas and inspiration for small ways to make a big difference.

Over 40 bloggers contributed more than 100 ways to live more sustainable, to live happier and healthier, to get more out of life, to inspire and share, to reconnect with our true selves, to be a leader, to exist more intelligently.

More than 100 ways that to begin setting an example to be the change we wish to see in the world.


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This ebook gives you ways to start making a difference right now. Ways that you can make small adjustments to your life that will reverberate through time and positively affect the rest of the world.

There are practical everyday actions in this ebook that affect our environment, more personal choices that affect our health, and even choices that we can make to indirectly influence those around us.

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If you have a blog, consider writing a short review of this book along with your own ideas for small ways to make a big difference (if you email me a link to the review, I will post a link back to it on this books' page). You can find graphics for your blog post here.

If you know someone who wants to make a positive difference in the world, send them a copy or point them to this books' web page where they can download it:

If you have access to a printer, consider printing this guide and leaving it somewhere that others will flip through it (although I'd prefer you save the trees and send the electronic version instead).

But most of all, share the content in this book through setting an example for others to follow. As Mahatma Gandi put it so eloquently, "you must be the change you wish to see in the world".

Support the Contributors

This ebook belongs to all the incredible people who submitted content for this book. Please visit their sites and support their work. They are living proof that where there is a will to make a difference, there is always a way.

How to Join the Next Project

Making the world a better place isn't a one-man effort. Like this project, it takes the collective effort of many people who desire the same thing.

I've chosen to dedicate my time here on Earth to helping create a world where abundance is sustainable and where each individual is empowered with the knowledge they need to make the best choices in life.

This collaborative project was just one of the many that I will organize. If what I'm doing here gels with your own hopes and dreams for the future, please join the email list for passionate changemakers so that I can let you know about upcoming projects.

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