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Improving Short-term Memory Retention

Improve short-term memory retention: it’s far easier to recall the memory of a person saying something than to simply recall what that person said. Try storing the memory of the person speaking rather than simply remembering the words they spoke.

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  1. Hi Ram, Well the thought may work for some people, but I do think that every person is not as “visual”. and it may sound almost funny , but what I fear the most is that one may be able to recall “only” the visual and not retain even a bit of “audio” or contextual…Imagine a Bollywood movie with all the visuals and not a word – frustrating to say the least :)

    • Right. Everyone is slightly different. :) My point here was that when committing something to memory, we often try committing the wrong thing (the hardest thing to remember: raw information). If instead we recognize that our brain stores memories using multiple sensory inputs (even if we don’t consciously try to), then we can consciously commit to memory those other bits of information, which will help us retain the memory. :)

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