Lighten Your Life

Life is not an ever-growing collection of successes and failures. It's not a bag of decisions, opinions, mistakes, or mishaps, or a rucksack full of bricks that you're condemned to drag through the sludges of time.

Life is more like the stroke of a paintbrush, emptying itself of all that clings to it and refining its precision with the passage of time. It's the vessel that exists to hold water, effortlessly releasing its contents to the next destination.

It's important to remember that not every destination can be reached by a well-paved path: some destinations require taking flight. When it's time to fly you just can't fill a giant bag with everything in your life and expect that plane to soar.

If where you're going is important, decide what really matters and take responsibility for your freedom. Hold tight to everything and everyone that will support your voyage and let go of everything else. Embrace your essence and when there is doubt let love lighten your load: a life painted in love outweighs a voyage completed unprepared.

Finding Sufficiency

When we're poor, sufficiency appears one step away. When we're rich, sufficiency still appears one step away. No matter what we do, sufficiency remains elusive, always appearing one step ahead.

But that's an illusion. Sufficiency doesn't move, we do. If we're chasing sufficiency, then we don't understand what we need; we don't understand our 'enough'.

What really matters to you? What would it take for you to wake up every morning eager to start the day, content and happy just to be alive? To find sufficiency, you don't need to do anything. To find sufficiency, you just need to ask yourself, with all honesty, "What is enough?"