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Today I wrote a bunch of documentation for Wholesale Floral Corp, using the DokuWiki I setup on their Intranet. After reading Time Management for System Administrators, I realized how much more I can do to further automate my daily administrative tasks. One of the key things was documentation, which is something I tend to do as a habit anyway but my problem was always distribution: I needed a way to make the documentation accessible, and easily available, to those who need it, when they need it.

The Wiki solves this problem instantly. Not only is the documentation easily accessible to everyone on the network, but I can also have certain employees contribute to the documentation. I can edit and view documentation from anywhere I have made the web server accessible (in this case, I have restricted access to the Wiki from the Intranet).

I also coded a couple more tools (in PHP) to help make web customer registration functions easier, further automating what would otherwise be a whole slew of repetitive tasks. When you understand how to access, filter, and modify vast sources of information stored in a particular database, it's amazing how easily you can automate things.

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