Interview scheduled with Aerva

A few days ago I submitted my resume to several companies for network / system admin positions. One of those companies is called Aerva and is based in Cambridge, MA. I emailed them my resume, along with the following cover letter:

Dear Employer,

I am responding to your job listing on CraigsList regarding the Junior Engineer
position. Please find attached my resume detailing my experience and background.

I have been around computers my entire life and I have over 8 years experience
troubleshooting and administering networked systems in the real world. My strongest
area's are in troubleshooting and resolving hardware and software issues and assembling
systems. However, the area's that I am most interested in growing and learning in are
Linux/Unix and dynamic web programming.

I am an extremely fast learner, and enjoy reading O'Reilly and other computer books in
my spare time. I maintain a Debian Linux server at home, as well as Windows XP and
Mac OSX computers. I also remotely manage a CentOS Linux web hosting server with
18 domains. I have a strong understanding of Internet technologies and prefer to hand
code HTML over using a WYSIWYG editor. I am however experienced in using Macromedia’s

I am very interested in learning more about your company and would appreciate the
opportunity to further discuss my qualifications. I am available for an interview at a
time that is mutually convenient.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Raam Dev

They emailed me back and requested to setup an interview, so I set one up for this Friday. I'm excited at the thought of working in Cambridge, only a few blocks from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I'm really looking forward to working in an environment where I can increase my working knowledge of Linux and web programming. Hopefully this position would allow both.

The other nice thing about working in Cambridge, is that I'll be able to take the train into work every morning. That really beats spending hours in traffic. It would also give me an opportunity to spend time reading. I'll let you know how the interview goes on Friday.

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  1. Best of luck me friend. Hope things go well. WOOOT I was mentioned in the cover letter, sortof…. 5 or 6 of those domains πŸ™‚

    I tell them – Raam’s the best!