Overcoming Desire

So there I was, looking at the Jeep Rubicon on jeep.com and configuring the model exactly to my liking (pictured). I sat there calculating the monthly payment, modifying the interest rate, down payment, term, etc. I couldn't help myself. I absolutely love Jeep Wranglers. When I was a little kid, I remember watching movies that showed Wrangler's crashing through the forest, blazing trails, and climbing rocks. A vehicle that could go places others wouldn't stand a chance. A design proven reliable during World War II, and 65 years later, still a popular design. Jeep Wranglers stand for everything I'd look for in a vehicle: rugged, versatile, a sign of independence and an outdoor spirit to conquer the world.

2006 Jeep Rubicon

But I don't need it, I just want it. There is that clear distiction between what I need and what I want. After spending hours looking at pictures and planning how I could afford to purchase one, someone reminded me about what I had forgotten. I really don't need one. My 2000 Chevy Silverado 1500 pickup truck runs fine. Sure there are a few transmission problems, 133,500 miles on it, and it costs me $65 to fill the gas every week, but it does what I need; it gets me from point A to point B (as well as anything I Chevy 1500 Pickup Truckmight need to haul along). It makes a lot more sense to pay off my credit card debt and save my money until I really do need a new car. I told myself when I bought my truck, that no matter what, I would keep it for as long as possible (all my previous cars had come and gone within a year!). I've had it for 1 year 7 months; the longest I've ever owned the same vehicle. So for now, I'll have to use the pictures and my imagination to pretend what it would be like to own a Jeep. Sure, the urge to buy it is strong, and I really want one, but overcoming the desire for something you don't need is a goal worth reaching.

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  1. Brilliant =-D That is probably the first sensible statement regarding automobiles I have heard, or in this case seen come out of you! haha

    Hey lets bet whose vehicle lasts longer, I just put a G down on another ’92 4Runner, I’ll give you 1.6 years of leniency past its breakdown (or sale), mind you, that does not restrict you (nor I) from purchasing another vehicle, merely as long as you are in posession of your former.

    I say we each contribute $100 bucks each to a savings acc or gov bond. That i, if U’ve Got Da BaLLz!

  2. Wudddup! I still remember back in the day when I would say that I needed something, then you’d tell me, “You don’t NEED it, I’m sure you just want it. There’s a difference.” or something like that, =) good to see someone practicing something they teach, very much inlike myself, lmao!

    One thing for sure is that the jeep kicks ass and I hope you get to buy one soon!

    btw: is that ravi ravi???