For the past year or so, I've had a Verizon landline number which I used for my Speakeasy DSL and a fax machine. Now that I have Speakeasy OneLink DSL, which doesn't require a phone line, I don't have any need for the Verizon landline number -- except to use it as my fax. Having a fax machine is really useful to me, so I decided to continue paying the $21 per month for the Verizon phone line.

A few days ago, I decided to look into Internet based faxing services. After checking the prices on a couple different ones, I concluded Send2Fax had the best pricing. $7.95 per month gets me 100 faxes (inbound and outbound). I'm given a dedicated fax number, I can choose the area code for the fax number (or choose a 800 number, in return for not being able to accept international faxes), and best of all I receive faxes as an email, with the actual fax as a PDF attachment. I can then fax the PDF attachment, or any of several other supported attachment formats, including Word files, to any fax machine using nothing but email. I simply create a new email, in the TO field I enter the [email protected], the subject and body of the email become a coversheet, and my attachment becomes the rest of the fax. Very cool indeed.

Now I can cancel my Verizon account and save $13 per month. Plus, I have the awesome ability to view archived faxes when I login to my account on, and I can send/receive faxes anywhere I have access to email.

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  1. Do they filter out the junk faxes? You would not believe how many faxes we get at work that’s just junk. We call those “opt out” numbers and still get them.

    But I can see where that would benefit us at work as well, if you can view them before you print them. Delete the junk, print the good – save paper and ink that way. But we would probably need to keep our fax machine just because of the number of credit apps we send out. I would hate to have to teach the people here on converting paper docs into pdf files or such… They would probably just leave the fax off till they needed to fax something and it would free up one of our landlines for calls too.

  2. They don’t filter out junk faxes, but I’m sure it would be a lot easier to deal with junk faxes if they simply arrive as emails. After viewing the PDF (the fax), if you determine its junk, simply delete the email.

    Oh, and you don’t need to convert anything. If you want to fax a Word document, you simply attach the Word document to the email and when send the email to Send2Fax, they automatically do the converting and fax it to whomever your faxing to. It saves a LOT of paper, especially if you receive a lot of faxes. All the faxes you receive are received as PDF attachments on an email, simply view the PDF, and if you like you can print it.