Exploding Manhole

As I was walking home today, I noticed a crew working near a manhole in the street. I saw light brown smoke coming up from the manhole, but thought nothing of it and continued walking.

Suddenly, I heard a huge explosion. It sounded like a bad car accident. I looked towards where the crew was working and I saw everyone backing away from the manhole. I stood around for a few more minutes, trying to figure out what happened. Someone riding a bike, who was closer to the explosion, rode by and I asked what happen. He explained that the manhole exploded and said that was what has been causing the power outages.

That explains the power outage late last night, and again this morning. Even as I was writing this post, the power went out again. A few minutes later it came back on and I decided to research what exactly causes an exploding manhole. I found this really nice explanation on howstuffworks.com. Learning something new every day!

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