It's going to be a long weekend

Today I have a dentist appointment at 4:20pm, then I have to go buy the kitchen cabinet, countertop, sink, and faucet for Ware ST.

Tomorrow morning I'll be dropping off my truck at the Chevy dealership to have something fixed for a safety recall (its free). Then I have to install the kitchen cabinet, cut the hole in the countertop for the sink, install the countertop, install the sink, install the faucet, and hook up the faucet. After that's done, assuming nothing goes wrong, I'll install the bathroom toilet. But before I install the toilet I have to replace the wax ring. Then I need to install and hook up the bathroom sink.

Sunday, assuming I get everything done at Ware ST, will be spent finishing up a programming project for work.

Monday evening I fly out of Boston for a business trip in PA.

Tuesday evening I fly back to Boston.

Wednesday evening, after work, I have an appointment to fix a server issue at one of my new clients here in Cambridge.

Yes, this is a typical week! I'll try to take some before/after pictures of the work I do at Ware ST and post them on Sunday. And because of all this stuff, my blog posts might be irregular over the next few days.

Where the hell did the preview button go in WordPress? After upgrading I can't seem to find the preview button when composing a post.

I took a sauna last night -- 30 minutes at 150+ degrees Fahrenheit. The last 10 minutes were pretty difficult and I struggled a few times to stay conscious. I wonder what the maximum temperature is that a human can survive in for 30 minutes. Anyone know?

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  1. Thanks DJT!

    I need to fix that problem with the comments field clearing if you forget to answer the math problem, or if you answer it wrong. I’ll bet that gets pretty annoying after a few times!