Life is Short

This past Tuesday I started going to the gym again. I have a membership at Golds Gym in Somerville, about a 10 minute drive from my apartment. The nice thing is that they're open 24 hours Monday - Friday. It's been a few months since I last worked out, so I figured I would get my system revved up by starting off doing cardio at the gym and pullups and pushups at home.

After two days; wow am I sore! I had no idea how out of shape I had become! Appearance wise, theres hardly any difference, but physically I feel out of shape. Right now my whole diaphragm, abs, back, legs, and all the other basic muscle are aching like crazy. Its good though -- I'm already feeling more physically fit after doing cardio for three days in a row.

I went to my parents house last night and used the sauna to try and help relax my muscles. It's amazing how easily you can take things like a sauna, or for that matter parking, for granted. Living in the city has increased my appreciation for a lot of things. Last night I wasn't able to find a parking spot on the street when I arrived in Cambridge around 12:45am, so I decided to park in the office parking lot and walk home -- a 10 minute walk never felt so long and cold. The wind blew relentlessly and my body heat, what little I had, felt like it was being sucked right off my body.

Anna Nicole Smith died yesterday at age 39. Yet another reminder of how short life is.

Ever wonder how the hell they get oil rigs out into the ocean? It's pretty amazing what a little science, and a lot of physics and precision can do.

Oh, and apparently, Skype Reads Your BIOS and Motherboard Serial Number upon startup. Now thats a nasty backdoor and privacy threat. What better way to catalog the identity of your computer than to record your motherboards serial number and link it to your Skype name (which can be linked to your credit card info if you use SkypeIN, etc)? My co-workers and I have switched to using Google Talk, which is actually very cool. I had no idea that it was based on the Jabber protocol, which is the largest Open IM Protocol around. Now if only the console based IM client I use, naim, supported the Jabber protocol!

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