Van Helsing's Curse – Oculus Infernum

If you're going to listen to even one Halloween album this year, this has to be it! I heard a song on the radio the other night while driving back to Cambridge. All I could remember the DJ (Dee Snider) saying at the end of the song was "Van Helsing". After a little Googling, I determined I had listened to a song from Van Helsing's Curse - Oculus Infernum, an album inspired by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

I don't normally care for "Halloween" music, but this album is definitely an exception. It's an amazing compilation of different music styles, sounds, and instruments. If you've seen a handful of well-known horror flicks, you'll recognize many of the tunes in this compilation. If you know how, get the album through the BitTorrent network.

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