Welcome new life to my desk

I realized how much I love the outdoors, and more specifically the rainforest. Breathing in the fresh scent of a forest or the smell of ripe tomato's on the vine, is absolutely the most relaxing thing for me. Ever since I was little, I've had a liking of deep, dark green colors -- specifically forest green. Since I moved to Boston, I've been realizing how much I miss nature.

I've started to wonder how much of an effect, mentally and physically, not being around trees and plants has on a person. Plants consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Humans consume oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Nature didn't make things that way by accident. When I walked into the plant isle in Home Depot yesterday, I was shocked. The air literally felt different, -- cleaner, healthier, easier to breathe. If simply walking into the isle produced that much of a noticeable difference, how much am I missing on a daily basis?

So I bought a plant, an ivy, or if you'd prefer the scientific name, a Hendera helix. I picked the ivy because it doesn't require a lot of light, which is good since I live in a basement which gets little light!

I don't know if a single plant will have that much of an impact, but it's a start!

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