Bank Accepts Offer on the Sale of my First Property

A few weeks ago someone made an offer on my Cumberland Rd property and my agent submitted the offer to my bank to get approval of a short-sale (I owe $350k on the property and I'm trying to sell it for $180k).

Late this week, my agent called to inform me that the bank has accepted the offer (they're probably happy to get anything kind of offer in this market) and the closing date has been set for March 28th. That's only a few weeks away and I still have lots of stuff in the big shed I built and in the basement I renovated. This weekend and next weekend are all I have to move everything out.

It still doesn't feel real, but I suppose owning the house and all the work I put into it also hasn't felt real. I'm already beginning to feel the mental relief with one of the houses no longer in my name and I suppose it can only get better from here.

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