Passed Evaluations for Motorcycle License

I passed the evaluations for my class M license today with a 100% score on the knowledge test and only 4 points for going 1 foot outside the boundary box during the tight cornering phase of the road test (21+ points = fail). Many thanks to Jeff Thorpe and Ken Whitcher of Training Wheels for their guidance and instruction.

I felt the past two days were more an endurance test than a motorcycle license test; the 95 degree weather with clear skies and the class regulation that required boots, long pants, a long sleeve shirt, full-fingered gloves, and a helmet made for two very hot, sweaty, and exhausting days.

As is tradition at Training Wheels, Jeff took several photos during the biking sessions and a group photo at the end. They post these pictures online. Since they are a few weeks behind uploading pictures, my class (F23B) isn't there yet. I'll let you know when the pictures from my class have been uploaded.

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