Hard Work Weekend

The past three days (including today) have been spent clearing out the 12x16' shed and the basement of my first property in preparation for the sale that is supposed to take place at some point this week.

I am exhausted.

But one thing is for sure: I have too much stuff. Mostly tools, hardware, and other house-related things -- I can partly justify having so much stuff because for many years my sole intention was to own properties for long term investment and do most, if not all, of the repair and maintenance myself. Now plans have changed.

One of my new years resolutions for this year is to reduce what I own and that's exactly what I intend to do. I estimate everything I own would take at least a dozen, maybe even one and half dozen, truck loads to move using my pickup. I'd like to reduce that to at least half a dozen or even three truck loads by the end of this year.

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  1. Good luck! Everytime I say “reduce” I gain more stuff. I clean out a closet and get 2 closet fulls back. 😕

    But mine can be blamed on the wife a little bit. I clear a shelf only to find it full again with stuff that I have no idea where it came from.

    She boxed up Christmas and with not buying anything new, it took up more room. The stuff grows… “IT’S ALIVE!!!”

    Just started ebaying some of my Hotwheels and Matchbox cars that I purchased in the 90’s. About 3 boxes of junk to sell only to prolly have that space filled with something new from who knows where… It’s a never ending cycle.

  2. L.O.L.

    “truck loads”

    Bloody Americans.

    First the Irish come out w/ measurements by “stone”

    Then the Americans have their crazy imperial measurement system of pounds & gallons.

    Why do you want to add to the confusion w/ this new ‘hick’ish’ measurement of “Truck loads”?

  3. Because it’s the easiest way to measure the amount of stuff that I own and because whenever I move I’ll be moving with my truck. 🙂