Slow Down and Listen to Life

When was the last time you voluntarily spent lots of time away from technology? When was the last time you laid in the sun and simply enjoyed doing "nothing"? For myself, spending long amounts of time away from technology is extremely relaxing and healing (and by long, I mean more than six hours!).

Technology operates on a timescale much different than that of life. By constantly surrounding ourselves with and using technology we subconsciously expect ourselves to keep up with it (and to operate on the same level). It's like looking at the road directly in front of your car on the highway and expecting yourself to process and react to changes in the road conditions.

We need to slow down and relax our minds. Try taking a 24-hour vacation from all technology (that includes mobile phones). Light some candles. Meditate. Have a conversation. Play a board game. Enjoy the life-giving sunlight. Listen to the wind. Listen to your heartbeat. Listen to silence. Breathe.

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  1. Back in May 2008. Binh Duong, Viet Nam at a country home for a few days. Well… I did use my DSLR a few times, but no computer access.

    With the wife being home for 2 weeks from work, I haven’t been going home and getting on my computer and spending countless hours logging on to forums, browsing or working on some websites (like lifeofdjt). I am however missing my wolfenstien time. 🙁 But, yeah… it is refreshing now that you mention it.

    Last night we did spend time with technology for a few hours together playing the Wii and it was a blast. We really get into it and well… we’re both sore this morning from playing tennis and boxing. 😆

  2. Wow, I don’t know how many times I looked at that title and didn’t see the typo! Even after you mentioned it, I was looking at the title wondering what you were talking about. Ugh.

    Well, as you can see from my lack of posts, I have definitely been spending time away from my computer, but in the words of Bender (in Benders’ Big Score), “I’m back baby!”.