The Object-Oriented Thought Process

I started reading a book called The Object-Oriented Thought Process. This book has been sitting on my shelf for at least a year or two (there's a 3rd Edition due out later this year) but with all the Java and GWT stuff I'm trying to become familiar with for work, I really feel the need to build a basic understanding of OO programming. This book is written for just that (and at only 250 pages, finishing the book quickly is not an unrealistic goal).

After finishing the first chapter earlier today, certain techniques I remember seeing used in Java (which didn't make any sense to me at the time) suddenly make perfect sense. Not only that, but terms like "Encapsulation", "Polymorphism", and "Composition" suddenly mean something that I can now understand. All this from just the first chapter!

One of the main reasons I'm excited to gain a solid understanding of the Object-Oriented thought process is because it will allow me learn and use features of programming languages such as Python and Ruby without feeling as though I'm missing something or lacking the ability to use the features those languages are designed around.

Let's see how many chapters I can finish this Memorial Day weekend!

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