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Completing Last-Minute 2009 Resolutions

One of my 2009 resolutions was to read one book every month -- twelve books total. I've read less than half that number so far and there are less than five days left in the year. I've been doing my best to catch up over the past few weeks but now that I have some extra free holiday time, I feel confident I can make some solid progress. One thing I find really helpful after reading a book is to write a review, so I'll be posting a couple of reviews over the next few days.

I've also been working hard to reach one of my other goals: 80 pushups in 2 minutes. Earlier this month I started doing a minimum of one hundred pushups every day, first in five sets of twenty, then four sets of twenty-five, then three sets of thirty-five, and now two sets of fifty. It will be tough, but I'm fairly confident I'll be able to do eighty pushups in two minutes before the year is over.

What 2009 resolutions have you missed this year? Are you doing anything to try and meet them before the year is over?

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  1. i hate making resolutions because i feel like it’s expected of me by society. i just choose not to participate. i know what my goals are and i’ll deal with them the way i want.

    • I try to take life into my own hands and not let what society thinks affect my decisions. There comes a point where our rejection of what’s expected of us by society is actually reaffirming society’s expectations of us. I choose to just live my life the way I want. Setting goals and resolutions each year is one way that I ensure I make progress from one year to the next.