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Introducing my New Tech Blog: Solid State Raam

For quite some time now, I've been meaning to set up a blog dedicated to technology. Well today, after writing a long detailed post about ripping DVDs, I realized that I had procrastinated long enough. I already had a domain picked out and the famous 5-minute WordPress install meant I couldn't use set up time as an excuse.

When I started searching for a suitable theme to use on the new site, I quickly recognized the black-hole-for-time that process becomes and that it would probably put me back into the procrastination phase. So for now I'm just using a (slightly modified) default theme. OK, now the only thing missing to get this blog going was action.

With all that said, I pull the trigger and introduce Solid State Raam, a blog that will feature my explorations (and exploitations) of the digital world. The first post, Ripping and Converting DVDs to MPEG-4 on Mac OS X, is exactly the type of post I would hesitate to post on this blog for lack of "personality".

While I talk a lot about technology in this blog, I feel that the long detailed tutorial-type posts are out of place. This is my personal blog and the raw posts on technology feel a little too impersonal. Don't get me wrong, I will still talk about technology here; technology is a huge part of my life and if I stopped talking about it I would probably have very little to say!

For the most part you won't notice very much change here. If anything, I may start expressing my opinion more and talking more about the non-technology things that interest me -- both of which I feel an increasing urge to do. 🙂

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