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Dabbling in Logo Design

I'm a minimalist at heart. For the longest time I refused to use anything but plain text for the header of my personal blog. However, after realizing the importance branding and differentiating myself, I decided to come up with some type of logo.

All of this started with the idea of making eye's out of the two a's in my name. I opened Photoshop, created a new document, added some text and began dabbling.

I thought it would be interesting to show the progression of the logo as I dabbled with the design. You'll notice how I go full circle from minimalistic, to busy and crowded, and then back to minimalistic.

Raam Dev Logo - First Revision

Here's the one that started it all. It started with the idea of making eye's out of the two a's in my name. At this point I wasn't even treating the logo idea seriously.

Raam Dev Logo - Second Revision

This is where I started to take the idea a little more seriously and began mixing in my tag line.

Raam Dev Logo - Third Revision

I played with the Photoshop custom shapes tool and found some grass.

Raam Dev Logo - Fourth Revision

I took the custom shapes a little too far; looks too busy.

Raam Dev Logo - Fourth Revision

Realizing that the green grass looks a lot like hair, I moved the face away from the letters.

Raam Dev Logo - Sixth Revision

Not liking how the tag line was spread all over the place, I brought it together at the bottom.

Raam Dev Logo - Seventh Revision

My perfectionist self couldn't be happy with the hand-drawn smile. So, using the same font as I used for my name, I created a parentheses and turned it on its side for the smile. I also changed the eyes using a hard-rounded brush instead of a soft-rounded brush.

Raam Dev Logo - Eighth and Final Revision

For the final revision, I tweaked the tag line and replaced the commas with dot separators.

Design is definitely not one of my strong points, but I'm happy with the way the final logo came out. In fact, it's probably the best and most creative logo I've ever come up with. 🙂

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  1. I like this logo. However, when I check your homepage, the logo is completely different. There doesn’t seem to be a tagline also.

    I was wondering why you changed the logo now? Do you think taglines make the logo look dull?

    • This article was written more than 3 years ago, Enwil. 🙂 I have since changed my “header” many times. I’m going with simplicity now.

      On tag lines: I just haven’t come up with one that works for me, so I’m skipping it altogether. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with them when they correctly represent what the site/org/person is about.