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For the Love of the Command Line

One of the reasons I fell in love with the command line is that it makes getting stuff done fast and straightforward. It's a world of pure information and constant activity and one that requires only the keyboard; your hands don't move back and forth between the keyboard and a mouse hunting for graphical elements on the screen and wasting valuable time.

The command line has so many advantages over the GUI. There are no annoying dialog boxes, no GUI quirks, and no frozen windows. If you want to automate something, you write a script. All POSIX-compliant systems have nearly identical tools and their options and configurations are likely to be the same. When you're unsure about something, you simply pull up the man page or read the through the documentation to help you along.

The world of the command line is a world for tinkerers, for curious people, and for those with a desire to do more.

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