To Video Blog or Not To Video Blog?

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This is my first "video blog post" from Bangalore, India. I'm thinking of mixing my writing with one or two video blog posts per week. The video would allow me to give everyone a better perspective of the places I visit. Maybe I could even shoot other videos and then compile them into mini-documentaries.

My writing and photos wouldn't go away -- the videos would just complement them and give me another way of reaching out to you, my wonderful my readers. 🙂

Thoughts? First impressions? Please leave feedback below!

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  1. YES!!!!! combine all the mediums together.

    And also, if you need a backup of your videos (in case youtube kills them) feel free to upload them to my smug account. Throw them in a private gallery.

  2. YES!!! Definitely combine your mediums. I think we get a more well rounded experience of your experience! Thank you! <3

    • Also can you speak in an indian accent? Bear Gryill speak with a british accent. I think it would be entertaining if you speak with an indian one. LMAO..I just pictured you doing it. HAaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha That’s HILLLLLLLLLARIOUS!!!

  3. I’d love to see you sit down with the camera once a week and tell us all best things you’ve encountered… you really need to have something to talk about with video… great to see your mug.

  4. I think the combination of writing and video suits you well, Raam. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and video is adding an extra dimension to this. I’m curious, though, how you are doing and what your first impressions are?

    • Hey Bart!

      I’m doing great! I haven’t gotten sick at all (besides a slight case of travelers diarrhea). India is quite an amazing place and I’m loving it so far. I’m definitely more of a “rural” person, so the city doesn’t appeal to me very much.

      In the city, everything feels really rushed, but outside the city things feel much more laid back. I’m staying on a remote farm right now and it’s incredible here.

      I’ll have videos and photos up as soon as I get to a faster Internet connection. I’m using a dial-up connection right now.

  5. I say get uncomfortable. You are skilled at writing. I think you can be come equally skilled a creating video clips, maybe better. Yeah, give video a chance. The Internet <3s video! You will be expanding your reach.

    • Hey Lis! Thank you for the comment! I had not thought of it that way and that really makes sense. I went on this nomadic journey to get uncomfortable and grow, so why shouldn’t I apply those same principles to my communication medium?

      More videos are on the way! 🙂


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