A Gift from Yesterday

Today creates a world of its own, a world open to redefining what it means to be alive. It's unique from yesterday, not a point in time but rather a canvas stretching from here to the end of eternity, a giant etch-a-sketch wiped clean by the darkness and illuminated by the light of those souls who inspire, move, and motivate us to step forward.

Each day is a small evolution, a bundle of hope and joy waiting to unfold; a new opportunity, a blank slate, a fresh page, and a new chapter in life. But today is special. Today is special because today is a care package handed to us with the same love and compassion that a parent cradles a newborn baby.

Embrace yourself. Right now. It’s okay, no one is watching. Close your eyes and wrap your arms around yourself. Give yourself a big hug. Feel those hands on your back, warm, soft, and gentle. Melt into that embrace.

That person loves you more than anyone ever could. That person will be with you forever, even on your deathbed. That person loves you so much that you're being handed the best gift that has ever been given. The gift of today.

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    • Bekah, I’m so happy this was what you needed to hear! Positive affirmations and positive thoughts do wonders when it comes to health; I’m sending you healing energy!

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I embrace every single day because you never know… Tomorrow isn’t a promise.

    Keep up the good work!

    • You’re right, Magdalena. All we can be certain of is that yesterday is gone, today is here, and tomorrow may not arrive. That doesn’t mean we should be fatalist and try to do everything today, but it means we should live in the present, fully aware of our surroundings and grateful for all that we have so that we’re not putting things off until tomorrow or living in the past.


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