A whisper, “look!” In the flow, we go; traversing the land, not separate, but in sync, in silence. Step. Thought. Step. No thought. We exist, woven by time into the fabric of now. In fields of gold we lie, on a plateau, greeted by acrobats of the sky. An oasis, an adventure, a walk beside the mountain. In the breeze, between the trees, in the green valley caressed by the sea, we sit.

A whisper, “there!” Time frozen. Beauty, an earthly embrace shared not by two, but three! On a hair of grass, in the wind, motionless, a hummingbird floats. A heartbeat, its wings move like magic and we smile. In the moment, in the beauty of the present, there is no ‘other’, no separation, no tomorrow, only now, only ‘one’. Together.

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  1. Your poem lifted my spirits this morning. I do believe in the beauty of the world and in the oneness of all creation. Thank you!

  2. Absolutely beautiful and inspirational. It speaks to what I’m in the midst of creating, and am able to see more clearly because of you. “…In sync… Woven by time into the fabric of now.”
    Reading this, I was there with you… (sigh) Brilliant!


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