Notes: Collective Consciousness Requires Unique Individuality

Lynn Fang wrote recently in her letter, Embracing the Shift, on Living Systems Theory & The Holonic Shift and talks about how just as thriving ecosystems require biodiversity, a collective consciousness requires embracing unique individuality:

The idea of collective consciousness may bring up fears about fascism. Fortunately, this new model is based on ecology. Ecosystems are whole, yet the most resilient ones that thrive for generations do so because of biodiversity. Monocultures are weak to invaders because they do not have a wide variety of tools and techniques for protection.

This new collective consciousness will incorporate diversity and free, open access to information and resources - your unique individuality becomes a necessity.

"The holonic shift does not sacrifice, but instead requires, the uniqueness of each part, the distinctiveness of its functioning and its perspective." ~ Joanna

The concept of a collective consciousness requiring individual uniqueness never occurred to me, but it makes so much sense: If we are a connected whole, then we can only truly be whole by fully embracing each part (i.e., embracing the whole of what makes each of us unique). As more and more of us embrace our individual uniqueness, our collective consciousness begins to coalesce.

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