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Committing to the Adventure of Life

To live means to exist with purpose, to act with intent and not apathy, to ride through not sitting down but standing up, to feel it and experience it and be part of it, to commit wholeheartedly to the adventure no matter where it takes you.


  • ricky ferdon
  • Bill Hobbs

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  1. I agree. Although I would like to offer another option: To live means just to be alive, to have feelings even if they’re very dumbed down.

    However I think this definition of living that you offer applies more to surviving, at a high or decent level.

    Those are my thoughts, what do you think?

    • Actually, a better way to put this. Just switch the meanings of survive and to live. I think that applies better.

      You can be surviving at a low level, in other words be barely alive. You don’t feel much, you’re probably sick all the time, and your physical condition is barely decent.

      You can survive at a normal level like most people. You can feel everything and react to things, however it might not always be the best reaction, also you are easy to get sick, but it’s not *too* easy. So you’re alive, however not too alive or surviving at an optimal level.

      Or you can be surviving at a very high level, where you enjoy everything, everything feels alive, it’s hard for you to get sick (because you’re surviving better than the virus or whatever) and your body is in much better state than most people. In other words you’re very alive, and surviving at a very high level.

      I think that explains it better. 🙂

      • Thanks for your thoughts, Eduan. 🙂

        I think there’s more to living than survival. All life attempts to survive, even without trying. A baby that doesn’t even know how to walk will still try to survive if something happened to him. It’s in the very nature of life to survive. But to be human, in my opinion, means to do more than just survive. To be human means to push ourselves, to grow beyond our capabilities, to work towards things that are bigger and greater than ourselves.

        • I agree in that. 🙂

          Although I still like to incorporate the idea of various levels of life and survival, mainly survival, which would in turn affect life.

          Of course it would still include the idea of doing more than what we can, to grow, to enjoy that and life etc.

          In a nutshell, what I’m saying is that there are various levels of living and surviving I think. And surviving doesn’t just mean to be alive as a human but also all the actions that imply living/surviving at a high level, like the one you describe.

          It’s hard to put it into words, really. 🙂


  • ricky ferdon January 9, 2013

    Committing to the Adventure of Life

  • Bill Hobbs January 9, 2013

    Committing to the Adventure of Life