Don't be a Mirror

Honor those you quote by practicing their wisdom and then quoting yourself; be not a mirror but a sprouting seed.

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  1. Excellent! In fact, this idea arose within not too long ago. Besides, who knows how accurate quote attributions on the internet are? Two recent ones I came across were Walt Whitman and Gandhi. Anywayz, heck yeah, see the wisdom; the truth nugget, absorb it and express it through day-to-day existence. “Don’t be a mirror”, I like it!

    • As the Internet continues growing and we become more and more connected, I have a feeling we’ll discover that many people have the same brilliant, quotable thoughts all the time. Gandhi and Walt Whitman are quoted because their work was published, made popular, and spread around the world. But as the Internet allows anyone the same “spreading power”, I think we’ll find that many of us come to the same conclusions, whether or not we’ve read people like Gandhi or Whitman.


  • Caitlin Ferguson April 9, 2012
  • Adrienne Jurado April 9, 2012