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Pretending everything is okay when it's really not is always more painful in the end.

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  1. This reminds me of a recent “new favorite” song…Jessie J, Who You Are (

    “It’s okay not to be okay…”

    I like to listen to this song when I feel “not okay” to remind myself I have permission to feel that way- because our feelings may change constantly, but they are still valid, they are still ours, and they cannot be denied, even…especially when everything is most definitely not okay.

    And the paradox within this that I’ve discovered, when we stop avoiding what is not okay, or stop pretending it all is okay, when we allow ourselves to really face it head on, feel it fully, it dissolves and opens up into all being okay again…

    Because in the end even being not okay is okay.

    🙂 thanks for sharing.

    • Wonderful thoughts, Molly. Thank you for sharing!

      You’re so right about everything opening up as soon as we’re willing to face it and stop pretending. I think it’s natures way of making sure we survive: the moment we embrace what needs to be embraced, options and solutions that were not there before suddenly present themselves and things don’t seem as difficult.