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Following Your Heart

If you follow your heart life won't always be easy and simple, but the challenges you do face will always be meaningful.

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  1. The challenges are sooooo dis-heartening sometimes. Sorry to post non-positive things, but I cling to little positive things like this like a life-line because it’s so hard to keep up above drowning in hopelessness sometimes. The challenges that arise when you DON’T follow your heart, are often very painful, too, and I hope to god that they will finally lead me to follow my heart and not be ashamed of what my heart wants. So much shame and self justification.

    • It’s a choice, Alicia. You decide from what perspective you see yourself and the world around you, no matter your circumstances. If you want to see the challenges you face and the world around you as negative and insurmountable, that’s exactly what you’ll see. Fire can burn you, or it can warm you, but it’s still the same fire. Following your heart isn’t something you can or can’t do, it’s something you do or don’t do.