Two Ways to Tackle Distraction

There are two ways to tackle distraction: avoidance and mindful practice. If you're distracted by a tool like the Internet, don't cover your eyes and disconnect until it's no longer a source of distraction. Instead, understand the nature of your distraction and practice changing your relationship to it. Use mindfulness to practice self-control and willpower.

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    • It’s definitely a life-long practice. I think we’re wired (through our animal-side) to avoid things that feel detrimental to our overall wellbeing, but our real strength as human beings comes from recognizing that we can use our conscious awareness to amplify our growth.

  1. Recently, I have been reviewing all the different areas where I use my time. I found in my case, that just beginning the process took some courage. The only thing I added to the process was that between noticing and exerting self control, I asked myself if the activity was even worth my time.

    Doing this exercise I have been able to cut out many activities that were not worth my energy.

    • That reminds me of a quote I read recently. It said (paraphrasing), “if you don’t change something you do every day, you cannot make huge changes in your life”. So true! It’s easy to do things every day without realizing that they actually have (or add) very little, if any, value.


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