Leaving Send2Fax and Switching to FaxPipe

I canceled my Send2Fax account after a visitor to this blog recommended I take a look at FaxPipe and I realized I could be saving some money. When I started using Send2Fax back in 2006 I believe I was paying around $3 a month. Since I signed up, they have increased the price to $12 a month.

I don't send or receive faxes very often (maybe once or twice a month) but it's nice to have such a service. At the same time, it's not something I depend on so if I can save money by switching then I should.

After signing up for FaxPipe I sent in a request to cancel my Send2Fax account. Within 48 hours, I got a response that included this:

Did you know that you can keep your Send2Fax number for just $2.95 per month? This is a great way for you to keep your fax number and it costs less than a cup of coffee! For just $2.95 per month you get to keep your assigned fax number AND get 20 FREE pages each month, while overage pages are just $0.25 per page*.

That's $1.00 a month less than FaxPipe and about the same amount it was costing me when I signed up 2 years ago. This pissed me off because it seemed like they intentionally increased the price over time hoping I wouldn't notice and then offered to lower price again when I was ready to cancel. I sent them a reply saying I still want to cancel and then along with the confirmation I received this:

Before you go, though, we wanted to let you know about an easy way to get an unlimited FREE online fax service through one of our partners, eFax. You can sign up for an eFax Free account and pay nothing at all to receive up to 20 fax pages a month with your own personal eFax fax number.

I looked into this "free" service and not only is it meant to be used as a trial, but the fax number they give you will be outside your local calling area.

If Send2Fax had left the monthly price low in the first place, I would have stayed with them.