Zinc and Magnesium

I started taking supplements of Zinc and Magnesium today (100mg and 400mg respectively) after reading that vegans (especially body-building vegans) generally have Zinc and Magnesium deficiencies. It's easy for me to notice the effect of slight changes to my diet (since I control my diet so well) and I'm really curious how the extra Zinc and Magnesium will affect my overall health.

All-Zyme Double Strength by Rainbow Light

While I was working on computers at LifeAlive Tuesday night, I mentioned to Heidi (the owner) that I've had a lot of digestion trouble the past few months. She gave me a bottle of All-Zyme Double Strength; plant-source enzyme pills. She thought I might not be getting the right enzymes my body needs to properly digest and process food. So I took one pill before I went to bed and three more yesterday. I had no idea I would feel results after only 24 hours!

Yesterday was the first day in the past several months I've felt as good as I do now. I used to always get a stomach ache during the day, and when I tried to eat something in the late afternoon (when I was the most hungry) the stomach ache would only get worse. Today however, I was able to eat the same things I normally eat but without feeling like my stomach wasn't working.