Raam’s Travels

I've been traveling and living nomadically since 2010, carrying with me only what fits on my back. I love this lifestyle and I hope that sharing my travels will encourage you to explore more of our world.

On this page you can browse through my travel maps and see my planned and proposed travel schedule.

The Current Journey map you see below is dynamically updated with a Python script to show my latest Foursquare check-in. The other maps were created with Google Earth and then exported as KML files. All of these are displayed below using jKMLMap.

The Travel Schedule at the bottom displays my personal travel calendars: one for decided plans and the other for brainstorming what comes next. I generally don't like to plan ahead, but sometimes being budget-minded overrides my desire for flexibility. The Google calendars below are the same calendars I use in iCal on my laptop, so they will update automatically as I make changes.

Travel Maps

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Travel Schedule

My current and past travel schedule can be found below. Green represents committed plans and yellow represents proposed plans. The yellow plans are only ideas for where I might travel next and the dates and places are subject to change. When I purchase a ticket or make a firm decision, the item will turn green.

Edit 2020-12-02: I removed this as I'm no longer using the calendar.