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Notes: Traveling Writer

This is an entry from my personal Journal and it was published over one year ago. It was initially only available to paying subscribers. However, as per my Income Ethics, "all non-free creative work will be made public domain within one year". So, after spending one year behind a paywall, this content is now free. Ah, sweet freedom!

Thom Chambers writes about the difference between being a ‘travel writer’ and being a ‘traveling writer’. What he describes is exactly what I’ve been learning over the past two years.

My living experiences add to the richness and quality of my work, whatever that work may be, because I become a richer person through the experiences I gain while traveling.

Instead of being a travel writer, then, how about being a ‘traveling writer’?

Build a freedom business that allows you to make a living with words from anywhere in the world, and you’re getting the life of the travel writer no matter what your words are. You can ride the Orient Express while writing an e-course about baking. Or criss-cross America while putting together your first online magazine.

Yes, you can still write about your travels as you go. Who knows, you may even hit the big time and be the next Year in Provence. But in the meantime you’ll be able to live the lifestyle of the travel writer, whatever you’re writing.

Harder than ever to be a travel writer. Easier than ever to be a traveling writer.

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